Friday, April 19, 2013

Why Buy Organic Seed?

              Blue Lake pole bean  &  Dakota Black Pop popcorn

Why Buy Organic Seed?

During a recent radio interview I was asked about the difference between organic seed and non-organic seed purchased off the rack. Great question!

Besides being grown without synthetic chemicals and genetic engineering, organic seed is grown and selected to perform within an organic farming/ gardening system.
Since there are no “silver bullets” to solve disease and pest problems, organic farming systems need resilient varieties that are continually selected for hardiness, vigor, quality, AND performance in an organic environment.

The SEED Dilemma

Seed is the very basis of our food system. Three corporations control over 53% of the global seed market. As the seed industry has consolidated, many regionally significant varieties have been dropped from the seed trade and are no longer commercially available.

Resilient seed empowers farmers and gardeners to step off the input treadmill of genetic engineering and synthetic chemicals. Growers need regionally adapted seed that can deal with the vagrancies of weather and climate and still produce. Developing varieties that are well adapted to local and regional growing conditions and have the ability to overcome and perform is “real progress” in agriculture. High quality seed of adapted varieties allows farmers and gardeners to focus on fostering the circle of life within their farming systems, increasing the health of their soils, farms, and communities. Organic seed is a vital component of building a more healthful and ecologically conscious food system.

When you purchase organic seed, you are fostering resilient food and farming systems with your dollar power!

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